Monday, March 23, 2009

The Healing Power of Illness

My "alternative" doctor read me an interesting section from a book that I think is called "The Healing Power of Illness" ("La enfermedad es un camino" in Spanish) by Thorwald Dethlefsen y RĂ¼diger Dahlke.

The book says that the kidneys are related to the way one relates to other people. I found this very interesting as inter-personal relationships are definitely one of my weaker points. Coincidence? I'll have to read more to try and find out if it has any feasible basis or not.

After all my research I'm finding that most "alternative" remedies seem to fall into three theories of health:
1. Diet - unhealthy food causes disease.
2. Psychological - disease is caused by the mind.
3. Energy - disease is caused by energy obstructions or imbalances.

I believe all three to be valid and plan to improve all three in my attempt to rebuild myself. I realized today that growing new tissue in my kidneys (something that doesn't usually happen) would be akin to being reborn in some way, so perhaps to achieve it I really need to become like a newborn person, free of all the emotional baggage of my past. I believe a psychotherapist is in order...


  1. Hi, M.D. Professor MacKenzie Walser's book
    Coping with Kidney Disease guided me to
    REVERSE it in me in three weeks.
    Takes alot of discipline, buy certainly
    better than the alternative.
    Most specialists are skeptical of Walser's
    work (at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
    but their waiting rooms are pre-morgues.

  2. Kidneys are the physical symbol and representation of one's relationship and the balance between the feminine and masculine energies. If you are having kidney problems, take a look at unresolved past relationship issues or the one you are in. Take a look at what works and what needs change. Good luck

  3. I agree with the 3 points of yours. I'm 33 and have chronic kidney disease for the past 30 years. My creat has just started to spike but I refuse to go on dialysis. I have just started a course on EFT , reiki and yoga along with the regular renal diet. Initial results look promising, but it appears I need to make a drastic change to my thinking pattern... so my answer to you is No.. you do not need a psychotherapist... u will be just fine.. just press on with a positive attitude...