Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jon Barron

Someone tipped me off to Jon Barron who is another natural health advocate similar to Richard Schulze (who's inspiring videos can be seen on ). It was much the same "detox" advice and herbal formulas but did mention a new concept to me: "kidney sludge" which supposedly interferes with the correct function of the kidneys. According to the site, kidney stones are an extreme manifestation of this sludge:

He then describes his magic herbal potion for cleaning the kidneys which apparently had amazing results with one patient who has a testimonial on his site. Might be something to try if my current efforts don't work.

Why I find difficult to have much faith in the "herbal remedies" approach is that it is really just the same approach to medicine as conventional drugs so if the remedies really were that effective, I'm sure they would have been readily adopted by conventional medicine (I don't for one minute subscribe to the conspiracy theorists who claim that "doctors don't want you to know" about these secret cures). On the other hand, there seem to be individuals that have positive results from natural/herbal treatments... maybe it's just the placebo effect?

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