Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Nephrologist

I went to see a new nephrologist (kidney expert). Although I didn't get any big insights from the visit, his advice seemed more in line with my own research than the previous nephrologist so it was good to confirm this.

A quick summary of what the nephrologist said:
  • At my stage of kidney disease (aproximately 30% kidney function), maintaining function is considered an advance as the tendency is for function to reduce.
  • Kidney function is maintained through three main levers:
  1. Diet: low salt and protein, to avoid stressing the kidneys.
  2. Blood pressure.
  3. Can't remember the third thing... (pathetic, I know!)
  • That in the majority of cases it was possible to maintain, or even improve kidney function of people at my stage.
  • That Cozaar (losartan) is considered a kidney protector drug, so even if it doesn't lower blood pressure it is worth taking.
  • That my blood test results indicate that I should be eating more protein.
  • That the main thing to avoid is salt. Protein-rich foods like milk, eggs, meat, seafood, nuts, beans, and anything else can (and should) be eaten in moderation provided they contain no salt. The previous nephrologist had banned these items.
  • That ketosteril (the amino acid supplement I'm taking) is very beneficial to the kidneys but is very expensive (tell me about it!).
  • That it was very difficult to tell what caused the kidney problem.
The doctor ordered another 24 urine test (fun, fun, fun...) and prescribed a special vitamin supplement: Autrin


  1. Glad you went for a second opinion.

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