Thursday, October 22, 2009

Doctor's opinion

The nephrologist reviewed my latest test results on the 10th of October and said he was very pleased with my progress. He said that the movements of various indicators suggest that the kidney function has improved and that this is having a beneficial effect on the rest of my health.

Based on my urea levels, he said my protein consumption had increased but could still increase a bit further. The only things in my diet that he recommended restricting were salt (completely) and proteins (to a certain level). Personally I have decided to stay off gluten until my test results have stablized and then try eating it again to see if there is any change.

Calcium supplements were prescribed as my calcium level is borderline low and this is the probable cause of occasional cramping. So now between medicines and supplements, I'm taking 6 pills every morning... starting to feel like a junkie!

The nephrologist said that in the majority of cases people with my level of kidney function manage to live out the normal lives without requiring dialysis or transplants. Maybe he was trying to make me feel optimistic but in my personal case at least I am determined that his prognosis will be correct!

Blood pressure
After a period of highish blood pressure about a month ago, my pressure levels have been in the 120/75 range lately, which is excellent as high blood pressure is one of the things that further damages kidneys.

Generic Drugs
I discovered, somewhat belatedly, that the generic version of Cozaar (Losartan) costs about 30% of the branded product (meaning $0.50 a pill instead of $1.50 USD), so I'll be purchasing the product from now on.

Body Weight
My current body weight at 76kg is about 10kg lighter than when I started restricting my diet six months ago. Although, at 1.82m (6"), this makes my pretty skinny the doctor said I was at my theoretical ideal weight but if I wanted to fatten up I could eat more carbohydrates. I'm quite happy at my current weight but I'm making a bit of an effort to eat more protein to ensure that my diet is not causing any muscle shrinkage.


  1. Hi This is shiva from India .
    My father is suffering from diabetes from past 15 years . two years ago he had heart attack and he treated with some medicines and he is taking the medicines related to BP , cholestrol etc . During the treatment he has diagnosed for renal failure and he had a creatinine level 2.2 . After the research i realized that there is no medicine to cure renal failure in allopathy.We tried homeopathy and for homeopathy hs has responded well , now his creatinine level is 1.84 and all other tests says he is normal . My suggestion to you is try homeopathy and see how it works for you .Its also true to maintain the renal diet . I have one question for you . Is my father is eligible for water fasting theraphy ? Please answer , dont ignore