Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Living with Reduced Kidney Function

Just wanted to share this "Living with Reduced Kidney Function" guide I came across from Australia as I think it has very useful information for anyone dealing with chronic kidney disease. The focus of the guide is the practical steps patients can take to conserve their kidney function and slow down or halt degradation.


  1. You should take systemic enzymes for the kidney, some say they can repair the kidney in 12 months, they will also remove the scar tissue.

    You should also look at these guys for their homeopathic remedies, very good and should fix the problem in 12 months when used with the enzymes and good diet.

  2. Have you read info from the Edgar Cayce readings? I am now trying Lithia Water and Jerusalum Artichoke (available in pill form) and am stable, waiting for next blood tests in a month.

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