Sunday, July 19, 2009


For some reason I discovered that some people recommend gluten-free diets for autistic people. This sparked my interest both because of my apparent sensitivity to wheat and its possible relation to my kidney problems, and the fact that (coincidentally or not) my personality has autistic tendencies.

What I found extremely interesting is that they claim that gluten, a protein, can have an opiate effect on the brain, giving rise to the desire to eat more gluten. Ever since first trying to stop eating wheat a few months ago I have consistently lapsed as the desire to eat wheat was so strong. Currently I have been basically wheat-free for around two months, with the great result that my intestinal gas problem has disappeard, yet I still find myself attracted to odd bites of wheat products (even though I think it's bad for me and may even raise my blood pressure).

Searching, I discovered a lot of cases where gluten-free diet has apparently solved kidney problems (including those with proteinuria). I can't believe I didn't specifically look for this before, or that I didn't read anything about it in my regular kidney research:

So it's settled, I'm going to have to overcome my addiction and try a strict wheat-free diet for six months and see if it has any impact.


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