Thursday, July 30, 2009

Juice recipes

This is just to quickly share what has worked for me in the juicing department:

Watermelon Juice
Lots of sources talk about watermelon to solve kidney problems. I think this is because they have a diuretic effect and therefore clense the kidneys. I've been consuming about a watermelon a week for about 5 months now and can't say I've seen any particular benefit but you never know...

The fastest way I've discovered to consume watermelon is:
  • Fill a blender with slices of watermelon (seeds and all)
  • Blend
  • Strain and serve
Carrot Juice Combinations
The best tasting carrot juice combinations I've discovered are:
  • Carrot Juice and Lime (about 1 lime per big glass)
  • 70% Carrot, 30% Beetroot, Lime
  • 50% Carrot, 50% Pineapple


  1. How are your potassium levels?

  2. The one or two blood tests I've done have shown normal potassium levels (which is good because I've taken to eating lots of bananas!)