Monday, October 4, 2010

Test results

Just did another 'full-blown' set of lab tests.

The results are basically the same as those of 7 months ago, which can be considered good news as they show no decline in kidney function.

The general prognosis for Chronic Kidney Disease is a gradual worsening of the condition until dialysis, so avoiding disimprovement can be considered progress.

Here is a summary of the results:
* Serum Creatinine 2.0mg/dL (same as it was when my condition was discovered 18 months ago, and lower than the high of 2.5mg/dL of about a year ago)

* Creatine Clearance is calculated at 41mL/min. This can roughly be interpreted as meaning my kidneys are functioning at 35% of normal, which is asymptomatic. Below ~15%, however, and death (or Dialysis/Transplant) is not far away... (and frankly, provided my children are grown, I think death may be preferable to dialysis or a transplant)

* Protein in 24-hour urine 375mg, about the same as the last test and way down from 1,800mg when my condition was discovered. I understand that this is important as because proteins leaking through the kidneys may damage them further. Normal is less than 225mg.

* Uric Acid 7.6 mg/dL. This should be kept below 7 according to my first nephrologist. Taking Alopurinol controls it pretty easily but I'd prefer to be controling it naturally through diet. Will have to research this a bit.

Next Steps:
* I've been taking Co-enzyme Q10 for 3 months and this doesn't seem to have had any effect so I'll stop that.

* I'll probably continue taking a half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda every day. I'm not sure if it's helping but it doesn't seem to be doing any harm and it's cheap and easy to take.

* I think I need to work harder with my diet. I have a little more body fat than I'd like yet I'm often hungry, which suggests I'm not eating the nutrients my body requires, however I'm not sure what I should be eating (and it's frustrating not being able to eat many of the things I crave because of protein/salt/gluten restrictions).

* I'm tempted to dedicate 15-30 minutes every day to "mental programming" activities for a month to see if it helps.


  1. Good to hear the positive results and I agree with you that diet is the hardest, yet effective things. Good luck