Monday, October 25, 2010

Test results - the complete history

I finally had the brainwave of putting all my test results into a spreadsheet to make it easier to view changes over time.

You can view them here if you so desire:

The progress points are:
  • Serum Creatinine back to same level of 18 months ago.
  • Proteinuria (protein in urine) way down.
  • Increased Serum Hemoglobin (reduction of anemia)
  • Blood pressure reduced.
The "lack of progress" points are:
  • Serum Creatinine and Creatinine Clearance unchanged (i.e. no improvement in kidney function)
  • Uric Acid high (being controlled by Alopurinol)

After experimenting with many different things, I believe the main factors responsible for the progress are:

Healthy, balanced diet
I ate pretty healthily before but I've improved some areas and feel like I could improve some more. After researching and experimenting, my personal advice is to eat whatever foods you feel like in their natural form. This means avoiding anything with added sugar or salt (which I believe trick you into thinking the food is better for you than it really is). I recommend experimenting with removing wheat from your diet for a month to see if you notice any improvements.

I try to make sure I get just enough of it.

Possibly your mental state is the most important factor in your wellness, so I recommend trying to only do things that make you feel good and avoid things that make you feel bad. Again, I recommend experimenting to see what really makes you feel good and what doesn't. It may not be what you expect. Sleep is probably very important for feeling happy as any parent of small children will tell you...


  1. What is your GFR? Do you know what Stage you are in? Have you thought about renal therapies?

  2. I also have a kidney disease leaking protein into the urine. I believe its possible to rebuild the genetic deviations and attempting to do it alone with some advice. Please refrain from caling your blog My kidney disease. There is a kidney disease or weakness b and you re correcting it . If you speak of it as fif you owned it you are sending a cnfusing messsage to the kidneys . Think about it . Become comited witness and check into some chinese herbs to repair the kidneys . Look up earth newsletter by a guy named Ted in Thailand . He has a lot of good info about kidney health and maintenance fand improvement of problems lke yours. I cant remember his title but he is really good.. :Dont give up . Id love to learn more about what you are doing. Ive had diabetes for 30 years supposedly type one and 30 years without diabetes and I believe ill die without it and without kidney problems in a way thata i have not completely yet figured out but im getting there . Wataach how you are talking about what is happening in your body and stay positive OK? please Congraulations for doing so well and not getting worses. this is a hard journey Keep programing thta brain of yours Meah

  3. I agree with Meah (above) as it seems very crucial to not claim this as yours. You don't want it and it does not possess you. So claim now that your kidneys are in perfect health and your that your physical, mental, emotional health is radiant and vibrant right now. Your physical body wants to respond to the subconscious direction that you give.

    Another thought is that kidneys that are stressed may not be able to process high-magnesium foods very well. I am wondering about peanuts or shellfish?

  4. Hi. Have you heard of far infrared sauna? I know people whose creatinine count improves after sessions in it. It seems the fir sauna causes the creatinine to be elimintaed via the skin instead of the kidneys and this give the kidneys some respite. At least, this way, you can prolong your kidney life.If you do have the opportunity to test this out, do let me know the results. I can be reached at All the best.

  5. No I haven't heard of infrared sauna. As far as I know, high creatinine levels are not a problem in of themselves, rather they are just a useful marker of how well the kidneys are working to remove other toxins which do cause problems. It may be that the sauna helps remove other toxins through the skin so may be a way of helping people with symptomatic kidney problems (not my case yet fortunately). On the other hand I live in a hot humid climate so almost every day is a bit like a sauna!