Sunday, April 19, 2009

Body Care - Life's Priority

Today, feeling great after enjoying an hour or so body-boarding with my six-year-old,  I was struck by a blindingly obvious truth: 

My body is the only thing I can't live without, yet in my 36 years, I have devoted almost no time to looking after it! 

Sure I put in gasoline, touch up the scratches, and ride around in it, but preventive maintenance?Forget about it. I guess the reason is that for the most part it works just fine without me bothering about it... until it breaks. Fortunately, in my case, I became aware of a problem before failure so perhaps I have time to mend my ways, and start investing time and effort in looking after ME (the kind of self-attention that Christian society seems frown upon, perhaps the reason I never learned to do it).

I continue to think that teaching "life skills" really should be a mandatory part of secondary school education. It is probably what most differentiates successful people from the strugglers and what gives some children (with parents capable of teaching these skills) huge advantages over others. And if teaching "life skills" meant postponing differential calculus till university, so be it!

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