Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today I started taking Zyloprim as indicated by my Nephrologist. I was somewhat hesitant to do so as on a government website it says:

"Start with a low 100mg/day dose, in case of adverse reaction, and only increse if response is inadequate. Exercise extreme caution in cases of insufficient renal function."

The Nephrologist started me on 300mg/day and ordered test in a months time :(  I would like to trust that the Nephrologist knows what he's doing but unfortunately my experience with "professionals" in Mexico in general has been pretty poor (especially accountants and architects)

My other doctor recommended that I take the drug (though he didn't ask about the dose). So here's hoping it doesn't do any harm (like the diuretic that caused me to faint with super low blood pressure)... I've read that high uric acid can cause plenty of problems (crystals forming in joints and things) so I guess it's worth the risk. My reluctance stems from the fact that I feel really good generally, better than ever, and I hate messing with a working machine.

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