Friday, April 10, 2009

Watermelon Seed Tea for Kidney Stones

I tried drinking watermelon seed tea for a few days but didn't feel my kidney stones moving. I read one post that says it is just a diuretic and doesn't actually dissolve the stones. I can't imagine passing a 7mm stone without dissolving first, so I need to look for something that will dissolve the stones.

The nephrologist prescribed three medicines and investigating these they seem to act to alkanize the blood (right now I have high uric acid levels, which I guess means my blood is acid). This seems to suggest that he thinks my stones are uric acid stones. However, looking at test results from a month ago, when my stones were discovered, I then had low levels of uric acid in my blood...

The medicines also carry warnings not to use when potassium levels are high (as mine are) as they tend to increase potassium levels (which is apparently dangerous)! It's tough not having much confidence in your doctor, or having the kind of relationship where I could discuss these issues with him (while he seems to be a nice guy, his professional style is "do this and don't ask questions")

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  1. If you choose less high-potassium foods, then you can take the prescribed medicines.