Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today I ate my first slice of bread in about a month. It tasted fantastic, so I ate another. The TBM doctor banned wheat from an allergy standpoint. The nephrologist has restricted me to 4 slices a day. I'll probably try and stay off it generally but it's tough. Dairy products, on the other hand, have been very easy to give up and now I really have no desire for them at all (not that they repulse me either).

Both the Nephrologist and the TBM doctor have permitted rice and oats, so I'll try and eat more of those. Potatoes are allowed too. I had kind of been avoiding these as they are starchy foods that are "bad" according to Ehret (The mucus-less eating system) but I think everything in moderation is fine and they certainly eat plenty of rice in asia where people tend to be healthier than in the west.

From a few things I've read, I think it would be good to eat a bit more fish, for the essential fatty acids (omega-3). I'll try and eat a little twice a week.

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