Sunday, April 19, 2009

Foamy Urine

I had been quite excited lately to notice that my urine wasn't as foamy as before, possibly indicating less protein in my urine, perhaps indicating that my kidneys were working better. Apparently proteins passing through the kidney nephrons damages them further, so reducing the amount of proteinuria would be a big plus.

Then yesterday afternoon and this morning, I had foamy urine again. As I racked my brains for a possible cause, it became quite obvious. Yesterday I practiced Aikido for the first time in two weeks (and I've also been doing less other exercise due to my girls' easter holiday). I'm not sure why, but apparently exercise causes protein in the urine (though I've never seen it suggested that one shouldn't exercise! On the contrary, I've read that exercise has proved to be good for maintaining kidney function in CKD cases). Will have to ask my nephrologist about it. 

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