Friday, April 10, 2009

Theory of my illness: Apnea

One of my original theories of my illness was that an inability to breath well through my nose was causing night apnea (stopping breathing) and that this was causing my high blood pressure (a proven possibility), which in turn had damaged my kidneys. I later dismissed the theory as I believe the kidney problems predate the high blood pressure.

However, after having a cold symptoms for a few days, I'm beginning to think that breathing may be a factor. While having a slightly stuffy nose, I have been needing to urinate a few times during the night. Apparently this happens to apnea sufferers because attacks cause a toxin to be produced which needs to be eliminated by the kidneys.

After I started my dairy-free diet, one of the first things I noticed was that I was no longer going to the bathroom at night. This may be because I had less mucus in my nose and therefore was able to breath better and therefore avoided apnea periods. My blood pressure also dropped almost immediately and this could also be due to avoiding apnea (lately, with the cold, it has tended to be higher).

It's probably not the whole picture but it could be a very important element, so I think sleeping well is very important. This will probably mean finding a way to avoid our children creeping into our bed every night (or getting a bigger bed) and buying a better mattress. The best I've tried costs about $700 for double size.

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