Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doctors' review of the results

After getting my latest results I went to see my two doctors: The Total Body Modification (TBM) doctor and the Nephrologist (kidney expert).

The TBM doctor seemed a little disappointed with my results but still optimistic that we would be able to solve the problem. He told me about his client who had a creatinine level of 7mg/dL who got it down to 1.5mg/dL in six months. That's a pretty incredible results. Maybe it means that that persons kidneys weren't permanently damaged. Or, more optimistically, perhaps we just need to give it more time.

The nephrologist was quite upbeat (maybe he was just in a good mood because of the upcoming easter holidays!). He said the results were good and gave me a list of the five important things that need to be controlled (see below). All my results are within target range except for uric acid (whatever that is), and he prescribed a new drug for this (Zyloprim). He also weighed me and it turns out I've only lost 3kg since going on the low protein diet (previously I was a slimish 88kg (1.82m tall). Now I'm a slimmer 85kg).

The targets the nephrologist gave me (with my current level in parenthesis) are:
Glucose            < 110mg/dL  (86mg/dL)
Triglycerides  < 160mg/dL  (133mg/dL)
Cholesterol      < 200mg/dL (131mg/dL)
Uric Acid         <   7.0mg/dL    (9.2mg/dL)
Hematocrit      >   32%           (36.5%)
"clean" urine


Steriods: The nephrologist reduced my dosis of the steroid y prescribed a month ago and which I haven't been taking. He said he would reduce the dose again in a month. The TBM doctor (who is also a medical doctor) recommended not taking it. Even though I was tempted to start taking it after not seeing progress in my results, I think I will hold off for at least another month.

Kidney stones: The nephrologist prescribed three drugs that, taken together, will supposedly disolve my kidney stones in three months. I've read about loads of natural "potions" that supposedly do the same thing but I think it would have occurred to medical researchers to try these things out. Three months is a long time to be taking three medicines (one, every 12 hours, one, once a day, the other every two days - phew - tough to remember!), along with Cozaar, aspirin, and Ketosteril (which I keep forgetting to take despite paying $400 USD for 6 boxes). 

Aspirin: The Nephrologist said that aspirin helps "protect" my kidneys and told me to keep taking it. I haven't read this anywhere but I doubt it will do any harm (and it's cheap) so I guess I'll start taking it again.

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