Monday, March 23, 2009

Break fast

This evening I decided to end my fast as I noticed that I was a bit blotchy under the eyes and my body felt a little sore (probably from the Aikido and trampolining over the weekend). In the morning a colleague at worked mentioned that my face looked thinner, which surprised me.

Although the four-day juice-fast (a more correct term would probably be "juice-only diet") didn't have any big magical effect, I think it was beneficial as:
1. It helped me see that a lot of my eating was a "comfort" activity, rather than something my body needed.
2. I think it verified that my colon is basically clean (nothing too unusual came out).
3. It gave me a chance to use the juicer that my wife bought a year ago and has used exactly twice (and I have to say that fresh pineapple juice really is delicious!).

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