Thursday, March 12, 2009


At about 5:30am I woke up with a horrible cramp in my leg (something that's happened a few times lately). I got up to pee.

While standing in the bathroom I suddenly had a strong, swooshy, dizzy feeling in my head and I remember thinking, "Wow! I've never felt anything like this before". The next thing I was aware was being woken from my dreams by my wife screaming my name and shaking me. That seemed a bit strange and I gradually realized I was "sleeping" on the floor of the bathroom. I heard her say "an ambulance is coming". I just told her "I'm fine, I'm fine", which was true apart from feeling seriously "out of it". Then I passed out again.

After a few more episodes of drifting in and out of consciousness. It occured to my wife that perhaps my pressure had dropped and she strapped on my blood pressure monitor in a complete panic, poor girl. The reading was almost unbelievable: 80/65 with a heart rate of just 42 bps. I didn't believe it so I took it again. Same kind of reading.

Slowly, over a period of about 10 minutes, I regained enough consciousness to get back to bed. My pressure was going up a little but still very low. I asked Mónica how she found me and she said that I was making strange noises as if I was vomiting. No idea why that was. All I remember was being deep in dream.

Waking again at 07:00am my blood pressure is at 107/65 with a relatively normal heartbeat of 67 bps.

This experience just about shatters my already low opinion of drugs. Yes, I know I probably brought it on by fasting or the pure fruit and veg diet but if diet can have such an effect, why didn't the doctor recommend trying this before prescribing the medicine. I really don't understand why the medical profession is so hung up on prescribing medicines instead of looking for underlying causes, after all I do believe that most doctors sincerely want to help their patients.


  1. Reducing your intake of food or fluids can make the medication more concentrated - and possibly lowering your blood pressure to a dangerous level.

  2. I just lost my mother to complications from a kidney transplant. But to answer your question about why the medical profession is so hung up on prescription medicine, there is no money to be made sending you to the grovery store to buy food. Just a thought.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I believe the same thing happens to me at work at my desk. I usually wake up 45minutes to an hour later.