Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Indigestion

Blood pressure has been in a good range today: (112-138) / (77 - 86).

Suffering from light-headness when standing up suddenly. My head feels dizzy and my vision clouds over for 10 seconds or so. Although I've often experienced light headedness, I've never had my vision affected so strongly before.

The Fruit and Veg diet went well from the point of view that I didn't have any strong cravings for anything else. On the negative side, I'm suffering from the most severe indigestion I've ever experienced (at least in the last 5 years, which is about my memory span for these sorts of things). I think it's my stomach over producing acid to break down all those raw carrots and beets I ate. I'm sure if I can take an indigestion tablet or not but I think I'll risk it. One tablet can't hurt all that much and not sleeping due to pain will probably have worse consequences. Of course I've no idea if the tablet will help, indigestion is really not something I've evered suffered from. My health seems to have been downsliding ever since I started trying to get better!

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  1. Indigestion is from having insufficient stomach acid. You can take Beet derived HCl, or you need more salt in your diet, which is hard to do I understand.