Sunday, March 8, 2009

Transplants and anti-immune system drugs

Just read this thrilling information "Compared with the general population, kidney transplant recipients are 10 to 15 times more likely to develop cancer". This is probably due to the use of anti-immune system drugs (which stop the body rejecting the donated kidney).

Unfortunately dialysis patients only last a few years, so a transplant is really the only viable option if things get to that stage. It would be much better, however, to avoid getting there and that is where my efforts have to be focussed.

Other negative news is that kidney failure is only detected in blood tests (as mine was) when 60% of kidney failure is lost. The damage is supposedly irreversible but I genuinely believe that the body is capable of far more than is typically observed in the "west"... I instinctively feel it is somehow necessary to open myself to the "universal life force" (my made-up term) through correct mind training, sleeping and eating... I also instinctively feel that this will be very difficult for a 36 year old with no prior training. I guess now is my big chance to try... although it also worrys me that I may need to become so self-absorbed in order to achieve my goal that it becomes pointless. After all I see little point in living just for living's sake.

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