Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day three of fast

Day three of my fast, a Sunday, has been pretty uneventful. I really feel very little hunger, mostly just occassional psychological cravings (mostly for things that are on my banned list anyway, like a cheese sandwich).

My blood pressure has been really good, around 130/80 despite not taking the medicine for a few days. Maybe the fasting is keeping it low. Have to see what happens when I start eating.

Physically, I've felt absolutely fine which has surprised me a little, no weakness at all or lack of energy at all. I did a little exercise playing with the children on their trampoline and managed 3 somersaults. The somersaults were perhaps a little more dizzying than normal.

Somehow I really feel convinced that I'm going to solve the problem with my kidneys, though I'm already feeling a little nervous about the results of the blood test I'll do in a couple of weeks. I desperately want to see an improvement! If I don't, I will intensify my efforts...

My father sent me an e-mail today asking about my blood pressure (as he has also been treating hypertension). In my reply I finally mentioned the kidney problem, the first family member I've told. Will e-mail my mother today (she's traveling and unreachable by phone).

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