Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meditation - relaxation

I tried my first serious attempt at meditation to today and it was very interesting.

My pressure before starting was 145/91, after working from home a few hours.

After 30 minutes of meditation (lying on my back trying to be an observer to my thoughts) the first pressure reading was 120/84. Taking two more readings gave an average of 127/87. I think getting a 20 point drop in 30 minutes is pretty impressive (much more impressive than the drugs I'm taking which haven't seem to have done anything)

40 minutes after the meditation ended, and having an "annoying" work-related episode, my pressure was up at 137/87.

This seems to indicate to me that my blood pressure is at least partially stress-related. 

While meditating I wondered if maybe the reason the kidneys send a hormone signal to increase blood pressure when they are damaged is because they requiere higher pressure to filter properly or something? This is why I think that, long term, the only valid treatment is to remove the underlying cause. This evening I'm seeing a specialist who will hopefully shed some light on this.

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