Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day two of fast

Fast: Day Two
I've gone about 48 hours without eating solid food (have been drinking fruit and vegetable juice) and I'm starting to feel hungry. The white supermarket bread that my daughter insisted on buying today seems incredibly tempting... but bread is on my banned list of foods in any case :( Think I'll juice some watermelon instead.

In general though I've been feeling suprisingly good with very little hunger and no other ailments. If the naturopaths are to be believed this may mean that I don't have many toxins in my body (they say it's normal to feel bad during a fast because the toxins in your body start getting flushed out... or something)

Exercise: Aikido
Today I even participated in my first Aikido class since discovering the extent of my kidney problem. The nefrologist said that it was fine, and I've read that exercise in general is a good thing. I think Aikido might be especially good because it has a spiritual dimension.

Blood pressure
It's also been two days since I stopped taking Cozaar, the drug which is supposed to lower my blood pressure. So far the pressure remains a fairly stable in the 130/80 range, which is great. I'm not sure yet if the continuing absence of high blood pressure is because the drug is still in my blood stream or if it's proof that my previously high blood pressure was brought down by diet rather than the drug. It is a relatively expensive drug, so I will be happy to find that it's not necessary.


  1. Without consuming enough protein and calories per day, the body starts to feed off itself, which raises the "toxins" in your blood that you're trying to eliminate in the first place.

  2. @Zach: Thank you for your comment. My current level of kidney function (about 35%) is sufficient to remove toxins. My aim right now is to stop the progression of the disease (which, according to my nefrologist, is caused by own body). I'm not sure how to do this (I am, or will be, experimenting with many things) but I think "resetting" my body by cleaning out the digestive track may be a good thing.

  3. ACE inhibitors (BP medication) have been shown to slow the progression of CKD in some people.

    Another very limited study shows that Coenzyme Q10 has a possible effect on slowing or reversing CKD for the small amount of time during the study.*|q10*

  4. @Zach: Very interesting, the study, thanks.