Friday, March 20, 2009

Fasting take two

After reading more naturopath stuff, I've decided to have a go at a multi-day fast which many suggest should be the start of any "cure" program. An Arnold Ehret document mentions that many people feel better on day 20 of their fasts than on day 5 (!). I don't think I will be going that far but I have read in a few places that it is on around the fourth or fifth day that the insides get truly cleaned out. Not even sure if this is a good thing but I'm game for anything at this stage!

It is very difficult to go without eating and it makes me feel that my normal eating patterns are more like an addiction rather than a biological necessity. Although I've had some hunger pangs, my biggest craving has been to have food in my MOUTH, not in my stomach. I have been feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to chew something. So much so that I've been chewing my rubbery toothbrush handle.

For lunch I turned a delicious pineapple into juice as apparently pineapple juice is good at expelling parasites. I've discovered that many "alternative" types are obsessed with parasites and consider them to be the cause of most illness, tiredness, etc. and after reading so much (and seeing horrific photos!) I've started wanting to make sure I don't have any major parasites. The "alternative" doctor said he didn't think I did.


  1. It scares me to think that you are submitting yourself to an extreme fasting program when your health is already compromised. I have read your whole blog and I am not sure you are getting the best advice. There are many things patients can do to delay the progression of renal failure - fasting is not recommended. This is my personal opinion based on experience and also the sharing of other patients.

  2. Dear Karol

    Thank you for your comment. You could well be right! On the other hand I am very healthy now so I feel like I have some liberty to experiment and I want to take advantage of that before things get more serious. After scouring the Internet, I have found nothing scientifically proven to delay the progression of renal failure but I would be very welcoming of suggestions. Thanks!

  3. Please come visit our message forum - there are many threads about this subject - you don't have to join unless you want to post questions or comments. - I know the name sounds negative - but it's not - it's a great group of pre-dialysis, dialysis, and transplant patients who have been where you are now.

  4. I am not a doctor just a regular guy who really loves food. I've taken to fasting every three months for 3-7 days and its changed my life for the better. I still enjoy my food after having broken fast but am no longer controlled by what I eat. That alone made it all very worthwile. If anyone is discouraged from fasting, I hope its for sound medical reasons and not prejudice. After a lifetime of visiting doctors, none of them could help add the kind of value to my life that fasting did.

  5. I have SLE, Nephritis/CKD. I went into a full remission after a 40 day fast in just water the science of which is covered in Dr Joel Fuhrman's Fasting and Eating for Health. Best health of my life. All specialists told me nutritional science could not help me. Well, I buried two siblings with the same condition that did the chemo, the steroids, the cellcept, and then the dialysis. Immunosuppression kills.