Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First reading 127/81

Wow! My first pressure reading of the day is within the desired range (to help prevent further kidney damage)! In fact one of the three readings I took was as low as 118/78 (normal)!

This is really remarkable and hard to know what to attribute it to. I also recall last night I slept very well without getting up to urinate (previously I was getting up three or more times a night). Possible explanations:
1. Semi-fasting/change in diet. This is the most likely explanation in my opinion as it's the most dramatic change. Yesterday I ate very little and only fruit and vegetables.
2. The diuretic (clortalidona) I've been taking on Thursday morning (today is Tuesday). This could be having some effect as it was two days after starting this (Saturday) that I started getting lower readings in general.
3. The Losartán I've been taking for 16 days to (supposedly) lower my pressure. It seems unlikely to me that this would "suddenly" kick in, so I don't think it's responsible. In fact I don't think it's having any effect whatsoever. It will be the first drug I experiment with not taking once my pressure stabilises.
4. Mindfulness meditation/Positive attitude. Although I have just started investigating mind exercises, it seems way to soon for them to have had any effect, so probably not responsible.

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